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((actually dongwoo bias))
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30 Aug 2014


 #prayed so hard please be sunggyus hand   #*camera changed to different angle* ITS SUNGGYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 
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30 Aug 2014

WH: i say woo you say hyun
WH: woo~
SG: hyun^
WH: woo~
SG: hyun^!
WH: yea baybeh~

 #sunggyu out of all people anwered woohyun >>o   #and his voice is so high   #>>o 
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30 Aug 2014
 #not skilled enough to PS the table out and merge the bed >:(( 
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30 Aug 2014


click play, wait until it loads, and hover
(or just reblog it and hover ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
 #is this thing still working   #i dont remember how i made this   #how to embed swf again 
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30 Aug 2014
 #cant get over how pretty sunggyu is during destiny era   #i almost forgot i was ugyu ;; 
RBLG | 1372
30 Aug 2014
 #stabilizing shaky video is my favourite thing to do   #poutygyu pt 2 ~3~ 
RBLG | 1139
30 Aug 2014
 #sunggyu wot >>o   #uggghhh if only sunggyu wasnt blocked by other guests like everytime 
RBLG | 786
30 Aug 2014
 #this was 2 screenshots of bts vid merged together   #gyuyeoljong looks like goddesses omg   #idgi hoyas neck is really long but it looks like its short   #terlanjur bantet apa daya 
RBLG | 566
30 Aug 2014
 #idk i imagining they are on a yacht admiring the views   #gyu do that again pls :( 
RBLG | 482
30 Aug 2014
 #i cant believe this perfect moment happened and got recorded 
RBLG | 169
30 Aug 2014

120402 HANLOVE Interview, the day sunggyu was rejected
crossing fingers on the trans because i translate it from the jap subs
please listen to the audio first, if youre a cool person and understand korean dont bother reading my trans just listen to the audio ;m;



SARANG (omfg dat voice)(so hopeful)(omfg he’s fidgeting)

pls stop that shit woohyun

bless u yeol


how dare u

gonna kick u in the face

*:・゚ah(´Д `#)彡n︵ (ಠ益ಠ ╬)>


(this entire post is a joke they were emitting intense gay vibe that day) ((proof later))


 #those times when i still put some effort on my post ;.; 
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30 Aug 2014

(   = .=) *。・゚✧♥ ~♥ …(≖ ♥  ≖)… ♥♥ ≋♥♥ ah ・゚(॓□ ॓彡)@
the life of myungsoo the third wheel.

 #i want to be productive again like this .~.   #sunggyu was so weird even in different interviews   #he looked like a hs girl crushing on wh 
RBLG | 174
30 Aug 2014

woogyu’s kissing face when playing paper game =3=

meanwhile dongwoo…
((who didn’t get to play the game))

RBLG | 794
30 Aug 2014


 #sunggyus arms >>o 
RBLG | 121
30 Aug 2014
 #this looks 3d