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5 Apr 2014
Anonymous asked:
Hello! First of all, I really love all of your drawings!! Bless you and your woogyu porn keep drawing for us please don't stop drawing ;^; here some love for you ♡♡♡ actually I'm really curious about where do you live actually... Where do you live and since when you have been drawing woogyu?

omg youre too nice, thank you so much anon ;~;♥ i was born and raised in indonesia. ive been drawing woogyu around september last year, woogyu made me came back after 2 years of drawing hiatus! :D

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5 Apr 2014
Anonymous asked:
Your work is srsly amazing *_____* so realistic and beautiful!! And i totally agree with you! For me woogyu is my on and only OTP ♡ pls stick to them lol

thank you so much! nothing can compare with woogyus tru lub ♥‿♥

 #this ask is from 3 weeks ago im sorrrryyyyyy ;0; 
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5 Apr 2014

woogyu high school AU 18++ compilation coming soon

 #woogyu   #jcpost   #editing skill to hide mistakes and laziness A+++++++   #by coming soon i mean probably 2 months later   #sorry for the absence but let me catch sleep first zzzzzzz 
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12 Mar 2014
Anonymous asked:
BLESS YOUR SOUL. JUST. how. Srsly you are amazing. i hope you aware of the fact little miss that you just drew the BEST woogyu fanart ever in this fandom :3 i literally had tears in my eyes. /cookies for you

anons are you the same person why are so many of you in my inbox :c

thanks though… really n/////////n

 #my blog traffic is more than when i upload new pron fanart for the past 2 days ( ̄□ ̄)   #is it really that good 
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12 Mar 2014
Anonymous asked:
I'm so glad you're WooGyu fan, your drawings are so good, just, please, never stop drawing them. SENSUAL that's how I can describe them. Thanks.

oh anon /////;;;;;;___;;;;;;/////

dont worry anon woogyu is really special! i think i will still like and drawing woogyu even if i dont like infinite anymore

 #being in infinite fandom is really not enjoyable lately (‘﹏* )   #i prefer to read fics and talking with woogyu shipper 
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11 Mar 2014
Anonymous asked:
do you ever plan on posting any tutorials? no lie I decided to pick up drawing again (it's been 4 years since I last touched my tablet) after seeing your woogyu porn

omg really? im really flattered ;;;;; go for it anon so we can draw woogyu porn together. itll be nice if theres a lot of fanartist in this fandom ;;;; and then when enough people is gathered intl inspirits can do collab and publish woogyu fanbook like what k-inspirits do

i dont have any plan doing tutorial, my drawing may be ok but i dont excel in any of drawing technique. but if i find a good tutorial ill share! atm im trying to understand purplekecleon’s tutorial of color theory  though i havent get to try experimenting using this tutorial !

go anon! n.n

 #i see fanbooks that intl inspirit published were mainly fanfics and lack of fanart...   #my coloring is cheap、 flat color、 cell shading、 some lighting、 and im not even good at picking color (´ヘ` )   #face and anatomy is questionable i dont know what is right anatomy as long as it doesnt look funny and too deformed   #wtf background i drew i should buy hi end desktop so i can run 3d program to help me with background 
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11 Mar 2014
Anonymous asked:
You should try to draw DongGyu e_e Isn't Dongwoo your bias? That would be soooo sexy *A*

yeah but im more biased to otp >.< i dont want to draw anything other than woogyu atm. and tbh i dont think of dongwoo in sexual way @.@ sorry anon!

 #i dont even in the mood to draw my OCs my actual babies TwT   #dongwoo is like my precious son for me now   #after watching TII ep 1&2&3 my love for dongwoo skyrocketed again dongwoo is an actual angel i really hope he finds a really nice girl   #my wife is only sunggyu rn   #im satisfied but udah dua taun belum dapet jatah juga _(:зゝ∠)_ 
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11 Mar 2014
Anonymous asked:
ohmygawd i adore your last drawing * - * is it legal to marry a drawing

thank you xD search for a state that allows you to do it

 #oh yeah im so funny pls ignore that joke 
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11 Mar 2014

woogyu’s sunday morning (╯・∀・)╯

[850px] [lineart] [process]

 #woogyu   #jcpost   #i didnt screencap much this time sorry   #ughugh i should submit progrees of my thesis wednesday morning but i havent done anything +~+   #my prof thinks my thesis is decent now (9・∀・)9   #all nighter every tuesday lately   #tomorrow problem is for tomorrow now im gonna sleep bye 
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3 Mar 2014

this week drawings. not much since there are more failed attempts than succesfull. under the cut!

Read More

 #sunggyu   #woohyun   #jcpost   #good bye animu style   #nah ill work on anime style after this   #i also have unfinished ogsr backstage sex but maybe later   #posting under the cut reminds me of my lj days   #now ill reply to messages;;   #fuck tpp ended when i was drawing   #i was kinda want to cry because of it finally ended but then gen 2 stream announced on the same day :I not gonna watch that one   #gen 3 maybe   #ive never seen hall of fame this meaningful   #because if it was me i would be overleveled enough to solo elite four and blue with my main pokemon and probably one legendary as a backup 
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27 Feb 2014
Anonymous asked:
thank you for sharing your work in progress! tbh WIPs are so interesting to look at... can i see more of your unfinished drawings or sketches? please ♥

youre welcome! ill post quite a bit since i havent update in a while (sorry for anyone thats bored of these). my sketches are bad so usually i dont screencap until their faces is good enough to see (the first frame of lipstick wips gif (/ _ \ ))


i didnt screencap the progress of this drawing, these are my back ups i have 21 backups for this drawing alone (´ヘ`;) i save a copy in the middle of drawing in case something bad happened and my file got corrupted;; though it never happened


people in my drawings are usually stand alone i just need to adjust them a bit. sometimes theyre naked under the clothes too ;~))


(can you read it?;;) i like to recycle unfinished drawing because i have tons of them such a waste ;~; in the end i didnt finish this one too…




digging thru my archives these are my back ups too. idk should i post this because im certain ill finish the bottom middle and bottom right one.


sunggyu so moe woohyun is a creep topgyu is impossible because sunggyus dong is too big

 #i have few days off!! sleep n draw n tomorrow TII new episodes n i havent watch this week hxh (・∀・ )   #woogyu   #jcpost 
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22 Feb 2014

i found theseeeeeeee my earliest attemps drawing gyu and woohyun and drawing woogyu digitally lolomg

 #so animu   #u kno i died yesterday   #gyu! wiggling his butt! shyly! on tv!   #is this real life   #also gyus bad boy image = shattered   #why is he so nervous   #feet shaking hand shaking lisp prominent and buuuuuulge   #cuteness lv +14124   #jcpost 
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22 Feb 2014

100% zoom!

 #tbh nothing good to see with 100p zoom   #my drawings dont have many details   #but still i cry everytime i resize drawing to fit for posting   #tho the most fun part when drawing with anime style is resizing   #those big eyes looks good adter resizing and details dont have to be accurate   #and ive been drawing in smaller and smaller canvas   #but i draw the latest drawing in 4000 px canvas!   #my laptop only can handle that much   #jcpost 
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20 Feb 2014


2/14 happy ???? valentine day !!! 


 #AAAWWW   #AWWWEEEEEE   #omg this is so SO QT   #i like their chibis sfm 
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20 Feb 2014

i tried using head guidelines! (though in the end i had to fix their faces a lot, no different with freehand ´m`)  this is supposed to be slut power bottom gyu and nerd woohyun, but somehow  if i draw rosary on woohyun this can be exorcist woohyun and leader-of-a-cult-but-actually-a-demon gyu ohoh

[full image 810x1200]

 #woogyu   #practicing drawing sorry ill finish the rest of topgyu compilation soon ;.;   #woohyun only got 3 layers; his whole body glasses and his hands on top of sunggyus body   #while sunggyu has like 20 layers :u   #oh i like passive woohyun too (✿◠‿◠)   #resizing 4000px to 1200px uuu...uuu   #exorcist!woohyun kalo disini mah paling haji woohyun nangkep sunggyu si tuyul terus dimasukin ke botol kecap   #jcpost